Nationwide, mobile closings in 3 hours or less…excluding attorney states.


APAT Real Estate Settlement Services is a successful, trusted, nationwide, mobile notary service that excels in getting closings completed in 3 hours or less in a stress-free manner that also ensures all of the necessary requirements are taken care of.  You never have to worry about your documentations not being completed correctly.

We do guarantee closings in 3 hours or less, excluding attorney states, once the actual closing begins.  This means:All of the documentation we need has been provided to us and we are in possession of it.

  • We have full disclosure of the specifics for the closing.
  • Our mobile notary is on location.

Attorney States are as follows and are NOT eligible for the Guarantee:

    • Delaware
    • Georgia
    • Massachusetts
    • South Carolina
    • West Virginia
    • Puerto Rico

Once all of the above is in place, and ONLY when all of the above is in place, then the 3 hour time frame will start.  There are too many variables outside of our control, as listed above, for APAT Real Estate Settlement Service to be able to guarantee any specific time frame until all these variables are met.

For integrity purposes, we will notify you via email of the time the closing begins and the time the closing ends.  If once your closing begins, we do not conclude your closing within 3 hours or less, you will be given a full, 100% money-back guarantee.


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