Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should a company choose APAT Real Estate Settlement Services over another Notary Signing Company?

APAT Real Estate Settlement Services is owned and operated by a previous Notary Signing Agent that closed loans in the entire state of Florida (FL). Nicole Mickle, President and Owner, works with a seasoned, diverse group of Notary Signing Agents and Attorneys that are not only in FL, but are spread across the entire United States and into Puerto Rico. We go the extra mile (literally) to service our clients and have a 13-year reputation of successful services.

2. Why did your company name change from Statewide Closers, Inc. to APAT Real Estate Settlement Services, Inc.?

We outgrew our name and service area. Statewide Closers only covered the state of FL. An increased demand required us to expand the business to close loans out of state and abroad. We needed a name to fit our new business model and service areas.

3. How much are your fees?

Our fees vary depending on the state of closing and also on volume per client. Please request a personalized quote.

4. Do you charge additional fees for late night closings?


5. Do you charge for last minute closings?

Please see our 3 Hour or Less Guarantee:

6. How much E/O (Errors and Omissions) Insurance do you have available?

We have a $1 Million Policy.

7. Who are your clients?

Title Companies, Mortgage Brokers, Bankers, and Realtors.

8. How are loan closings scheduled?

We accept orders on line with our Scheduling System that shows every action step of the process: new, confirm, and completed. We invested in this system so our clients can be aware of the details of their closings at all times.

9. What is the process for getting signed up with APAT Real Estate Settlement Services?

Simply go online to our website and visit our “Join Our Team” page, which will take you to our software located here:, which will get you signed up and into our database.

10. What happens if there is a problem or question during a closing?

We contact the designated person set up for that individual file, who we obtained the closing from, or we contact whom the client has request us to contact for these matters.

11. What are eSignings and eClosings and who would utilize these services?

eSignings are the use of the Internet for initial Real Estate Closings to save time and money on overnighting documents back and forth to ensure the rate gets locked in. eClosings are utlized for the final loan closings and are done through use of a software program.

Both are done through protected and secured means. They get closings done faster; but all hard copy paperwork still has to be completed and adhered to, as a follow up. Title Companies, Mortgage Brokers, Bankers, Realtors, and Borrowers all have a need for eSigning and eClosing capabilities.

12. Do you handle eSignings and eClosings?

Yes. We have a network of seasoned Notaries and we are constantly growing and training new Notaries to join our team who have eSigning capabilities. We assist Mortgage Lenders with eSignings for Initial Disclosures, providing phone customer support for all Borrowers.

13. Does APAT Real Estate Settlement Services work with new or inexperienced Notaries?

Yes. We pair our new Notaries with our experienced Notaries for proper training. We only accept Notaries who are professional, customer-service oriented, and serious about being an integral part of our team.

14. Do you offer any type of training for new Notaries?

Yes. We offer a Notary Public Training and Coaching Program that successfully capitalizes on field experience and mentorship. It is based around the APAT Notary Network and also helps to keep seasoned Notaries up to speed on industry changes and updates.

15. Do you offer any additional training materials or manuals for new Notaries, outside of your Notary Public Training and Coaching Program?

Yes. Our first eBook, Notary Signing Agent 101, has been released and is available for purchase. It is enriched with two Free Bonuses.

Please see: for more details.


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